A Career in Dentistry


Planning A Solid Career In Dentistry

If you’re planning a career in dentistry you’ve chosen a future with a lot of pull in the earnings department. A survey updated on May 2015 reported that a dentist with less than one year experience net $97,000 a year. Senior dentist with more than ten years of experience makes more than $120,000. Fine, but what about tomorrow?

It is a fair question. A lot of dentists have begun to complain that they are being almost completely replaced by new technology, such as water flossers. These teeth cleaning devices have certainly make a breakthrough in the dental marketplace. Available throughout USA, a lot of people have decided to take control of their own teeth cleaning. Many models available at http://dentaldorks.com/best-water-flosser-reviews/ are quite easy to use and yield great results.

Cavities In The Outlook?

Apparently not. I asked the ADA what would happen to the current strong demand for dentists as scientific advances (such as fluoridation, decay-preventing dental paste, and possible future vaccines against tooth decay) produce a dentally healthier population

The Association’s answer: “Generally, since advances will reduce decay and permit people to retain their teeth longer, even for a lifetime, it can be expected they will continue to need care of a different nature, such as orthodontics (malposition of teeth), partial prosthodontics (dentures), endodontics (root canals), etc. . .

A slower rate of decay will mean not only more crowns, bridges and partial dentures but other treatment such as that for periodontal disease (gums). Clearly the dental demand is only expected to increase year after year. As manpower is now projected, dentists will be able to take care of only between one-third and one-fifth of increased demand. Continued expansion of dental educational programs is clearly necessary.

Dentistry is open wide for women. Though most dentist are men, nothing should stop gals from looking into it. Since dentistry is a personal health service, automation has limited application, and self-employed dentists need not retire at 65.


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Of over 150,000 active dentists in the U.S. today, most of them are in private practice, while another are salaried (federal and state positions, teachers, administrators and researchers). Less than 20 percent are specialists in dental public health, oral pathology (mouth disease), oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics (children’s dentistry), periodontics, prosthodontics and endodontics.

Aptitude Test

You must complete a special one-day examination before being admitted to dental school. The test is administered throughout the country three times each year, and measures your ability in reading scientific information, manual dexterity, reasoning with numbers, using and understanding words, visualizing the reconstruction of two and three dimensional patterns, knowledge and ability to solve problems in biology and chemistry.


It takes at least six years beyond high school, and sometimes up to eight years. School requirements differ but all require at least two years of pre-dental college training. Specialization calls for another five years or so in graduate study and practice before certification. Loans and scholarships are available.

Immune System Boosting Foods


Winter is just around the corner, and it’s high time as well to strengthen your immune system by making sure that you’re eating the right kind of food to keep you from getting sick. The best way to start in keeping up your immunity is by nourishing yourself with healthy meals and snack to keep you healthy, fit and strong during cold winter days. This is one way for you to enjoy the weather without having to get sick from a cough, colds, and flu.

There are several kinds of foods and supplements that can help make you healthier. It important that you know all these foods because it is very beneficial to your body. Keep in mind that healthy food intake purifies your digestive system, so this means that the more you’re eating enhanced nourished food, there is an antioxidant effect that will make your body look even healthier. You are free from any forms of infection as well. To know more about the seven immune boosting foods, it would be best as well for you to read further.

  1. Choose foods that are easy to digest and provides food for your brain- foods that are mainly high in nutrients and minerals are the yellow and green leafy vegetables. These have supplements wherein you can not find with vitamin tablets. The more organic you go, the better are the results of the physical and the mental capacity. Examples are legumes, beans, whole grains, light dairy products and fruits too.

Processed foods

Keep in mind that if you are into processed foods, it does not give you a full nourishment compared to the natural way of preparing your food. So it would be best to choose only that are fresh and does not belong to any processed chains.

  1. Cooking with spices – did you know that spices can boost your immune system? Yes, most of the spices are energy boosting such as legumes and whole grains, cumin, turmeric and black pepper. This does make a great difference with your meal. You’ll be amazed as to how it is going to taste as well.
  1. Do not cook your food too much – there are some people who prefer to have their food overcooked which is not a healthy option. Foods that are turned into charcoal creates a negative effect on the body. It can also be carcinogenic which means that foods that are overcooked can cause cancer. Always cook your food in a manner that it is medium cooked.
  1. Eating at the proper time

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, discipline yourself with eating at the right time. This is one way of giving an ample time for your body to digest what you ate. The tendency of eating late can cause you slow metabolism in your body which it is not healthy by any means.

  1. Eat in good quantity– eating too much can cause you to gain weight especially foods that can make you fat as well. Having to eat the required calories that fit for you everyday is better than not eating too much.
  1. Choosing the food that best suits your body – if you are the type of person that is allergic to certain foods, it would be best to avoid it rather than continuously eating the wrong kinds of food.
  2. Herbal – there are some foods that help you in the healing any skin lesions and or scars. Eating good and healthy food makes your skin more nourishing without having to buy medicine.

Is Manuka Honey Safe For Your Dog


If you are like me, you love your dogs and treat them as though they are part of the family. I, for one would never want to give my pups anything that could potentially harm them. I usually check every food on the internet to see if it is safe and if so, is it healthy for my animal? Be careful, however, which sources on the internet you use in order to check for food safety.

Recently, I was confronted with a new type of food that I had never before given to my dogs. At breakfast, while I was putting honey into my oatmeal, I started thinking. I do think at other times of the day as well, bear with me here. Would it be okay to share some of this delicious honey with my beloved pooches? This spurred me to research the question a bit further. An hour later, I was able to find a wealth of information. Below are my questions and the answers I found for each which are well known.

Is honey okay for dogs?

Very simply stated, yes honey is perfectly safe for dogs. But, they must have it in small quantities meaning one teaspoon or less a day. While you can feed honey to your adult dog, it is best to avoid giving it to your puppy. The reason for this caution is due to some of the potentially damaging pores contained in honey. As well as, due to the fact that sweet foods are not naturally in a dog’s diet. As a result, you do not want to make honey a staple in their diet and overfeed it to your dog as far is known.

What are the benefits to dogs?

I know that honey has a number of positive health benefits for humans. But, I was unsure if it had any of the same or similar benefits for dogs. I discovered that there are many health benefits to giving your dog honey including help with allergies and aid for any indigestion problems they may be suffering from. Additionally, for dogs that appear to be overly lethargic a little bit of honey can serve to energize them.

Is high antibacterial honey safe for dogs?

Yes, honey has long been praised as a natural healing source. It is particularly effective when used as an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory treatment. In particular, manuka honey, which is known as being the best (has the highest antibacterial MGO properties), is okay to give to your dogs if you follow the guidelines above. What are considered the best manuka honey brands actually have a lot of extra nutrients. As such, their healing ability is especially well demonstrated during the therapeutic processing of physical wounds and burns.

I am always tempted to share some of my meal with my dogs. However, it is important to be cautious because sometimes food that is safe for human ingestion is not safe for dogs’ consumption. Even though you may be trying to indulge your dog or reward him/her with a treat, you may actually be causing your dog harm or severe health problems. It is always best to err on the side of safety and do research first. Now you know that honey in moderation is not only safe for your dog but is actually healthy for your dog, you can rest easy sharing some of this sweetener with your pooch in the right time.

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss


What is the significance of losing weight using honey and cinnamon?

Today, you might have a variety of weight loss techniques at your disposal. These techniques can vary from one extreme to the other. It can be something like a specialized high protein diet, or weigh loss diet with the help of certain “magic” pills.  Whichever diet you choose to undertake, you need to do some research. Dig deeper regarding possible side effects of the techniques recommend by the so called “professionals”.

Not to be a pessimist, but the majority of diet plans come with some sort of side effects. Some mild, and some more severe in nature. The best thing about honey and cinnamon is the fact that they are natural remedies. Not only that, but they have been used by our ancestors from ancient times.

Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient form of medicine which was practiced in India, recommends the use of honey and cinnamon for weight loss. It has been popularized by several modern day physicians in North America, and it is considered super safe. So, with no further a due, go ahead and invest in this weight loss technique first thing in the morning. However it is also essential to mention that when undertaking this weight loss technique you would also need to make changes in our lifestyle. Otherwise your effort would go to waste.

How do you obtain honey and cinnamon?

If you are planning to undertake honey and cinnamon for weight loss, you must understand how honey and cinnamon are obtained. Honey is a natural sugar which is made by honey bees. In some case honey can be extracted from fresh flowers nectar. Unlike all the artificial products available on the market today, like white and brown sugar. Honey is by far the only natural sweetener available to us for thousand of years.

In most cases honey is extracted from bee wax which is found in the colonies of honey bees. Later on the impurities in the honey are removed and you can use it for your home consumption. Cinnamon on the other hand is a powerful spice which is grown in countries like Sri Lanka. Experts in natural medicines have indicated that when cinnamon and honey is combined and consumed by overweight people it leads to weight loss.

How does honey and cinnamon help you to lose weight?

The ordinary white sugar that you use daily is made of carbohydrates. However, honey is a natural sugar and has important minerals and vitamins in it. During digestion when your body digests sugar the digestion process makes the body use its vitamins and minerals present in the body.

Nevertheless, when honey is digested minerals and vitamins are added to the body. Since the amount of carbohydrates is much lesser in natural honey, thus when you use honey in place of sugar you are monitoring your daily calorie intake. Since the calorie intake is less you would tend to lose weight.

One of the main reasons behind the popular use of Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss is because cinnamon when taken in appropriate quantities reduces the level of blood sugar. In case of people suffering from type- 2 diabetes they tend to feel hungry more often. When they eat food apart from their main meals, they would tend to overeat. This would make them gain weight. Cinnamon thus regulates insulin in the blood and thus these people feel less hungry, as their blood sugar level is more regulated now. Cinnamon also helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure in the body.

How do you take it?

The best way to use honey and cinnamon together is to drink a glass of warm water which has one spoon of cinnamon powder and honey mixed in it. This mixture should be consumed first thing in the morning before washing your teeth for best results.